The scariest ‘Team Halloween’ in the entire Fantasy universe

UOnce again we fulfill the tradition of celebrating Halloween at the Movistar Fantasy MARCA, forming a team that would make the bravest rival in the community tremble. It is a selection of the most expensive players from the six official leagues: LaLiga EA Sports, Liga Hypermotion, Liga F, Premier, Serie A and Ligue A. We get a lineup worthy of a ‘FIFA award’ with a value of 820.8 million euros. The women’s and English leagues provide three representatives, two from the French league and one from the Spanish First, Second and Italian leagues. The most terrifying of all these ‘Fantasy monsters’ is Mbapp, with a current price of 99.6 million.


In the goalkeeper, the garitea Misa Rodríguez wins the position, with a value of 58.1 million. Leading the defensive line is another LaLiga F player, Mapi León (67.7 m.), along with Achraf Hakimi (61.2 m.) and Trippier (59.1). In the center of the field, the brand new Ballon d’Or 2023, Aitana Bonmat (78.5); with Bukayo Saka (66.5), the ‘rHey’ Jude Bellingham (77.7) and Manu Fuster (69.8). The offensive trident is scarier than Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man together in the tunnel of terror. In fact yeswith the three most expensive: Lautaro Martínez (83.2 million), Haaland (99.4) and Mbapp (99.6). News that, like Halloween, is pure ‘Fantasya’.

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El 'Team Halloween' m

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