The latest revolution to avoid injuries: “Each player could only play 65 games…”

EThe Belgian coach was asked about the busy schedule, just before a new national team break begins next week, the third between October and November.

“Instead of having a continuous discussion about which league is the right one, if a limit was set, let’s say 65 games every twelve months… I think 65 games is fine. There are many games and if 90 games are organized per season, you as a player can only participate in 65“Kompany said at a press conference.

“This would allow more games to be played, clubs to be involved in more competitions and would be good for both football and the players as their well-being would be taken into account.r. In addition, it would allow there to be more professionals in the sport, which in a competitive environment is not a bad thing,” he added.

In England, English teams can compete in four competitions, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and European addition to the international breaks and competitions that occur every X years, such as Euro Cups, World Cups, African Cups, Olympic Games.

The expansion of tournaments such as the Club World Cup, the 2026 World Cup itself and the Champions League -everyone will have more teams in their next editions- has called into question the well-being of footballerswhile long-term injuries, with cruciate ligament tears, have increased in Premier players.

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