Sergio García: “The Spanish youth academy is on the rise; there are many good players”

QThe players who made up the Spanish team that won the 2008 Euro Cup made us happy. One of them was Sergio Garcia. Catalan is synonymous with goal. He plays for Zaragoza, Espanyol and Betis, among others. Today, he is the Damn youth coach: “When I was younger I never set out to be a coach. I thought it was a chore,” he admits.

Sergio grew up in the lower categories of FC Barcelona. Debut in the first team under Rijkaard: “I didn’t believe it. I had gone little with them in preseason. When I debuted in the league it was the most a kid can aspire to.”. Precisely from At the table A good crop of young people has come out again. Like in Valencia, Real Sociedad or Athletic: “The Spanish youth academy is on the rise; there are many good players. There is a lot of wood in the Spanish clubs.”

He scored goals in Zaragoza, Betis, Espanyol and even in Qatar. The Mao club highlights the good players even if the moment is not the best: “When you go into a slump it’s always difficult to change it but they have good players. Escrib is a good master but if the results don’t work…” Del Betis recognizes that it was not a good time, perhaps remembering that descent he experienced as a green and white player. At Cornell it is fraud. He lived two stages at the club and dreams of a third, now as coach: “I hope to coach Espanyol. My intention is to be able to reach the first division, but I am aware that it is difficult.”

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