Real Madrid: Real Madrid is full of reasons after the physical transformation of Rafa Marn

“I am seven times stronger than you, very fast and I am always in a good mood.”. Rarely have the lyrics of a song drawn so well the lines marked by a footballer to establish himself in the football elite. The purpose is not only adapt to the demands of the present and consolidate the basis to compete at the highest levelbut to fill Real Madrid with reasons, which has seen in the physical change of Rafa Marn another success in his transfer strategy to Alavs.

The central Alavswho belongs to the Real Madrid structure, was loaned out in the summer without any type of purchase option and prior renewal of the contract for two seasons, until 2026. Other offers were left along the way, one from Betis that would have allowed him to play in the Europa League, but the decision was made in the offices of the white club with intelligence to repeat a formula that had already worked previously. And when a team wants to finish forcing a footballer, The most important thing is to provide him with the necessary minutes to gain experience and kilometers on his legs.. And for that job, the babazorro team, which never hesitates to give opportunities to the youngest players, is the best solution for the white club.

Stronger, more powerful and faster

For adapt to new competitive demands and, after overcoming the first stage of context change (city, team and role), the next step that marked the roadmap of Rafa Marn (191cm and 79.5kg) was vital to achieve the objective of turning the center into a ‘rock’: strengthen and at the same time consolidate its ability to maneuver. As it is, Rafa has been following since August a plan specifically designed to intensify your physical deployment from strength training and nutrition care…to handle over 84 kg.

A total metamorphosis to aim for arm the footballer to gain power in all types of duels and the ability to intimidate the rival, a fundamental quality for defenders. Added to his good ball output and sense to anticipate the play… The data achieved to date has given Real Madrid reasons for a loan that has already allowed it to play 10 games this season in LaLiga to follow the path marked by the white club.

Stronger, more powerful and faster. This is the first conclusion reached when the results of the specific plan are analyzed. Rafa Marín has gained 2 kg of pure (clean) muscle in the last month. The work has allowed him increase its top speed in competition above 33 km/h. Taking into account the gain in muscle mass, the fat percentage is still below 10%. And one fact that draws attention above the rest: The center back has gained 1.8 cm of arm circumference. A true ‘rock’ who wants to continue shining on the field… and who has always understood that for this it is essential to carry out extra work.


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