Real Madrid: Ancelotti: “Benzema will be Real Madrid’s number nine next season”

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, has just analyzed the final in which Real Madrid will seek its eighth world crown. This time, the rival will be for the first time a team from the emerging Saudi League, led by a coach with whom Carletto shared a rivalry on the fields of Italy when he defended the shirts of Rome and Milan, Ramn Diaz.

The final and the rival

“It is a very important challenge, a very important title because it is very difficult to get here. Real Madrid respects all finals. It is the end of a very long road. I ask the team to enjoy the game. Whoever wins tomorrow will be the world champion. We are eager to win because it will give us morale for the future. It’s my sixth final in forty years. “It’s a final that happens very rarely in life.”

The defeats

“Of course they hurt us the defeats against Barcelona and Mallorca, but we still have confidence. “I still think that we have a better squad than last year and that we are going to do well, like last year.”

Al Hilal

“Good team that has individual quality, many players from the Saudi national team, some with experience in Europe. Hilal has beaten Flamengo and is a team to respect, as we do with the event, a World Cup final. “These types of matches are rarely played.”

Benzema y Militao

“They have come because we think that They have the possibility to play. “Today’s training will be decisive.”


Ceballos is doing very well and we are enjoying it. Kroos is doing well, Luka is progressing. Tchoaumeni has returned from injury. He always asks the midfielders the same thing. Evaluating Real Madrid’s season is not easy. We started well, winning the European Super Cup and until the World Cup we did well. It has been difficult for us to recover those who left the World Cup. We knew that the month of January was going to be difficult for us in terms of points and injuries. We are in February and I think we are progressing physically like Valverde and Modric. The important thing comes.”

Key moment

“It is an important moment because the decisive moment arrives. We arrived well at this moment and we started it with the final of a World Cup, a very nice thing.”

Ramon Daz, rival

“I faced him when Ramón played for Naples forty years ago and I remember that I scored a goal, well a great goal. He was a great forward, intense, strong and with skill in the area. He left a good memory in all the teams. “First time I’ve faced him as a coach.”

Problems choosing players

“It is always difficult to decide who plays. We have five substitutions and that is an advantage. You can change the dynamics with the substitutions. They played in the Champions League and helped us win it. The players understand it. “They are equally important playing as starters and as substitutes.”

Signing of a nine

“We will talk about it later. Age must be taken into account, but also what it brings. Benzema is our nine. “He did well at the beginning of the season and he will do well next season.”

Brazil national team

I have a contract until 2024. I don’t know what they can say out there. I have not heard”.

Changes in football.

“Football is changing, it is more global. An Asian team in the final, in the World Cup an African in the semifinal. You have to adapt to it.”

Vinicius y Rodrygo

“I think the same. If there is a problem you have to find a solution and there is. We are not stupid. Rodrygo? I just hope he continues scoring important goals. I’m not going to bet how many goals I still have pending from Valverde…”

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