Ligue 1: Marseille-Lyon suspended for stone throwing to be played on December 6

El Marseille-Lyon suspended on October 29 for the stoning of the Lions team coach in which the coach was injured Fabio Grosso It will be played next December 6 in a location to be determined, the French Professional Football League (LFPF) announced this Thursday.

“The location of the match will be determined later while we wait for complementary elements provided by public authorities guaranteeing that security conditions are the best,” explained Vincent Labrune, president of the LFPF.

The facial injuries suffered by the Italian Grosso due to the exploding windows of the Lyon coach, which also affected his assistant Raffaele Longocaused the suspension of the match at the Vlodrome in Marseille and the incidents created a wave of consternation in France, fed up with so much violence in football, and also outside its borders.

At least seven people were arrested for the events of Marseilles (supposedly radicals from the city club), who risk up to 10 years in prison.

The Prosecutor of Marseille He has two other proceedings open for the incidents of last Sunday night.

It involves throwing objects at a bus with football fans. Lyon Olympicwhich caused no injuries, and Nazi greetings and simian gestures from radicals of that club towards the fans of the Marseilles.

These latter charges fall under provocation of racial hatred and racial insults and can be punished together with up to five years in prison.

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