Kaviedes’ nightmare: from world’s top scorer to suffering police brutality during his arrest

Ethe ex-footballer Ivn KaviedesEcuadorian striker who played in Spain Valladolid y CeltaIt was dheld in Tena (Ecuador) after participating in a state of openness in an alleged attack on four people in a fast food place.

Jaime Ivn Kaviedes, who has 46 at y His last team was Club Aviced FC in 2020resisted arrest and later He accused the police of abuse for exceeding the use of force in his arrest (a police officer sprayed gas in his face after throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him).

In a video shared by dolo TV and it went viral in Ecuador ‘El Nine’ Kaviedes can be seen handcuffed, barefoot and in an apparent state of intoxication.

Ivn Kaviedes was released after submitting a habeas corpus

The popular ex-footballer, who also played for Peruggia, Porto and Crystal Palace, was released after being detained for three days at the Archidona Social Rehabilitation Center.

Kaviedes’ lawyer presented a habeas corpus and the Multicompetent Chamber of the Provincial Court of Justice of Napo determined that irregularities were committed in his detention.

The violation of Kaviedes’ rights has been demonstrated. We hope this type of abuse never again exists against any citizen.

Dalo Bucaram

Dalo BucaramKaviedes’ lawyer, assured that “the violation of his rights had been demonstrated. We hope that this type of abuse against any citizen will never again exist.”

The Association of Soccer Players of Ecuador (AFE) supports Iván Kaviedes after his arrest

The Association of Soccer Players of Ecuador (AFE) published a statement to reject the police procedure to arrest Kaviedes and demanded the suspension of the agents who participated in the arrest.

“Today we come together to express our full support for an Ecuadorian soccer legend Ivn Kaviedes,” the AFE shared on Instagram.

“We will never allow cases like this to be repeated, in which a defenseless and vulnerable human being is totally abused due to their condition,” he denounced. Carlos Tenoriopresident of the AFE, in X (Twitter).

Kaviedes, the scoring legend of the ‘Inseminator’: he was the world’s top scorer in 1998

Ivn Kaviedes, known as ‘The Inseminator’ (he is the father of nine children with nine different women)is a legend of Ecuadorian soccer after scoring the goal that qualified Ecuador for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan and for scoring another goal in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

He scored 15 goals in his 55 games with ‘La Tri’ and in 1998 he was the highest scoring forward in the world thanks to his 43 goals with Emelec.

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