Javier Milei, the new president of Argentina, was a goalkeeper and beat Simeone: “He was a crazy person in goal”

Javier Mileyan economist from 53 at what In his youth he was a soccer goalkeeperhas become the new president of Argetina after winning Sergio Massa in the second round with the 56% of the votes.

“Today the reconstruction of Argentina begins, today the end of decadence begins. The impoverishing model of the omnipresent State ends. Today we once again embrace the ideas of freedom, those of our founding fathers,” said the leader of the La Libertad party. Avanza, who got almost three million votes from Massa, now as the new Argentine president.

Javier Milei: former goalkeeper of Chacarita, partner of Boca Juniors and billard player

The newspaper ‘Ol’ has made a football profile of Javier Milei, whom he defines as a former goalkeeper of Chacarita Juniors (they signed him when he was 12 years old and he was part of a historic generation along with Juan Carlos Docabo), Boca Juniors member (fan of Carlos Bianchi and Martín Palermo who was critical of Riquelme) and faithful follower of Carlos Salvador Bilardo.

This is how his former teammates remember goalkeeper Javier Milei: “He was a crazy person in goal”

“He threw himself everywhere, he didn’t care about anything, he was one of those strong guys, big, half crazy, because we called him ‘the Crazy’. Good goalkeeper,” he explained Gabriel BonomiMilei’s former teammate in Chacarita, in Infobae.

“He was very haughty, strong, he didn’t change in that, he’s still the same. When I see him it makes me laugh because I say ‘this kid hasn’t changed any more’. Obviously we’re older, but it’s the same temperament,” he remembers.

Eduardo Greccoone of the coaches that Javier Milei had in the ‘Funebrero’ team, highlights that “no one can say anything bad about Milei because he was blameless. His hair is all messy like now, it happens that he was blonder before.”

His former partner Eduardo Perico Prez He remembers that “he played in all of them, he was a crazy person in the goal. When Milei stopped, he converted. It was putting on the shirt and doing crazy things in the goal, he would dive headfirst, things that said “this guy is completely crazy.”

Javier Milei won with Chacarita against River Plate with Juanjo Borrelli and Vlez Sarsfield with Diego Pablo Simeone

Omar Corsaro It stands out that the youth team of Club Atltico Chacarita Juniors won several tournaments against teams such as River Plate with Juanjo Borrelli or Vlez Sarsfield with Diego Pablo Simeone: “A category with which we beat everyone.”

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