Former soccer player Henry Coln dies after being shot six times in a restaurant shooting

Henry Coln41-year-old former Peruvian soccer player, died in a shooting which occurred in a restaurant Upper Neighborhoods in Per.

The agency EFE publishes that police sources confirmed to the RPP station and the Latina Televisión network that Henry Colón was shot (he received six shots) before 6:00 local time (11:00 GMT) by unknown persons.

“We regret to report the sensitive death of our beloved former player and technical director of our 2011 category, Henry Colón. We extend our most sincere condolences and offer a prayer for his eternal rest,” the Sport Boys club reported on its Twitter account.

Henry Colón’s career in football

Henry Coln retired from Csar Vallejo and throughout his career he played for Sport Boys, Sporting Cristal, Alianza Atltico, Total Chalaco, San Marcos and Ayacucho FC.

Currently Henry Colón, former footballer in Betsson League 1, was technical director in the lower categories of Sport Boys.

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