Eibar: The keys to Eibar’s improvement: from bottom to around the lead

Dand add 3 points out of 15 possible in the first five days, at the end of which Eibar was bottomto achieve five consecutive wins in just three weeks. A spectacular streak from Joseba Etxeberria’s team with which they have dispelled the doubts and critical voices that appeared in the month of September. The potential of the squad was doubted and the planning of the Sports Directorate was even questioned, but the reality is that New house He has managed to straighten out the situation and the team is beginning to be in its rightful place.

That’s how intense the Basque derby was…

The growth of the gunsmith group is evidence. One of the main elements is the leap in quality that has been made in the defensive aspect. He suffered a lot every time he lost the ball because of the difficulties he had in regaining possession. and that caused rivals to pass him too easily. Now that has changed. Eibar is a much more solid and organized team, aggressive in that activation after loss and It is also shorter on the field, without as many spaces between the lines. The great performance of the Berrocal-Arbilla duo is not a coincidence either.


There is no better attack than a good defense. Improvement without the ball brings with it the ability to control games better. Etxebe is being able to impose his party plans almost always. The offensive aspect also adds. Eibar now has more punch and has significantly increased its effectiveness in front of goal. The xG has not changed excessively either (0.94 in the first five days compared to 1.38 in the current streak), but its effectiveness is different and the goal is no longer a problem.


In fact, the Etxeberria team finished more times in the first five rounds than in the last five. The problem was the shooting and the quality of his attempts. He shot 71 times against Racing, Elche, Eldense, Legans and Burgos, for the 63 shots in these five consecutive victories. The difference is that of those 71 shots, only 14 ended up between the sticks (0.19%), while in the last five days it has averaged 41% (26 shots on goal out of 63 attempts). Of those 26 shots, 12 have ended up inside the goal, while only three of her 14 attempts in the first five days were goals for. The difference is abysmal.

Eibar players celebrate a goal.LALIGA


The evolution of the collective implies that individualities come to light more easily. On an offensive level, the performance of players like Tejero, Stoichkov, Corpas, Bautista or Aketxe is not going unnoticed. And the quality to score from afar is also important. He only scored two goals from outside the area last season, while this year he has already scored five. Furthermore, Luca is returning to what he was like in the first months of the previous year and is making key saves in almost every game.. In short, it is all good news for an Eibar that does not want to get off the wave.

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