Eibar: Eibar is starting to look like what Etxeberria wants

Eibar had a brilliant match last Saturday against Tenerife. A very complete match, against an important rival and with a result that was a reflection of the superiority that existed in all phases of the game. The armorers needed a victory like this, so prestige and of this forcefulness, to confirm the step forward that they have been taking in recent days. Because both against Racing de Ferrol and in Cartagonova the team did well to win, but against Tenerife he took one more step.

The best performance of the course…

Without the ball, Joseba Etxeberria’s team continued to leave some doubts, but on Saturday they were one very high level in the disputes, in the second moves andabove all, in activation after loss, which prevented the Canarian team from transiting. He stole a lot in the opponent’s field and when he didn’t, a tactical foul always came to stop Tenerife’s counterattacks. There is no better attack than a good defense and precisely the goal that opened the can is a clear example of this saying, because the great goal of Stoichkov It was born in a recovery by Sergio in the opposite field as a result of the players’ commitment to steal after losing the ball.

32 passes and 105 seconds of possession in Quique’s goal

The second goal of the afternoon also had a lot of what Eibar was during the game. Those from Etxeberria had resources and quality to circulate the ball with speedfiltering passes in small spaces and constantly forcing Tenerife to tilt and run backwards.

Quique finished a play in which Eibar gave 32 passes in 105 seconds in which Tenerife did not smell the ball and in which all 11 Barça players participated. A work of art that still precision, quality, dynamism and creativity so that Quique and all of Ipurua would explode with happiness.

Lowest xG of the course

The gunsmith team won practically everything from above. The direct play that Tenerife sought was masterfully countered by Eibar which, curiously, despite being much superior to the rival and having the best game of the season by far, had the lowest xG of the entire season (0.65). Something really surprising for all the volume of attack that accumulated during the 90 minutes. He lacked a little more precision in the last pass or in the decision-making to go ahead on the scoreboard before the break, but even so, the quality stood out in a second half in which the three goals, including Vencedor’s, were of many carats.

There have been games in which the Barça team has generated clearer goal situations than last Saturday within the area. Against Tenerife he once again showed his quality to score from afar. This is how the goals from Stoichkov and Vencedor arrived. He has already scored 5 goals with shots from beyond the opponent’s area, compared to the two he scored last season. Definitely, it was all good news for a team that has had a very bad time at the start of the league but that little by little is beginning to be where it wants and, what is more important, is beginning to look like what Etxeberria wants.

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