Eibar: A point that helps Eibar to add 10 games in a row without losing

EI am Eibar a golden point on his visit to Stage Front Stadium which allows you to maintain your good streak and chain ten consecutive finds without losing. A very valuable tie in a stadium of magnitude and against a very important rival like Espanyol. It was a very even battle and the final result was fair, seen what was seen. in the chess game proposed by Luis Garca and Joseba Etxeberriaof the technicians who bet on being protagonists with a very similar party plan.

Because although the drawing was different, the threat of both sets It was in the same area of ​​the field: behind the midfielders. Puado and Milla occupied inside lanes, practically forming a square with Expsito and Aguado behind, which forced Eibar to adjust with Matheus and Sergio lower than normal and Aketxe helping Soriano in the central areas in the pressure. The gunsmiths’ plan was similar, although like their rival, I found less space inside than I would have liked. and their main weapon in the first half was in the permanent falls of a Bautista who was once again decisive.

Although the final result may say otherwise, the reality is that The two teams minimized the rival’s strengths in attackwhich caused a match with a low pace and without much volume of clear arrivals. Eibar once again showed that it costs them very little to score a goalbecause Bautista beat Pacheco in one of the first actions in a great filtered pass from Berrocal on Aketxe, who did not score but participated directly in the two goals. The atmosphere generated in the stadium did not benefit Espanyolwho despite this, did not poorly manage the superiority with the Parta in their exits from behind and the gunsmiths were barely able to steal in the opposite field. Those from Etxeberria did not suffer too much in that middle block either. that they proposed, although they combined less than other times and were more vertical.

Espanyol tied before the break in an action that was just what Luis García was looking for. Find Pere Milla and Puado on the inside to then make a two against one with Ríos Reina and Jofre’s pass It was used by Puado to tie the game. If Eibar’s feeling at half-time was already not good, because had gone from a possible 0-2 in the disallowed goal against Bautista Due to another millimeter offside by Stoichkov at 1-1, the start of the second half was not good either, since Tejero was soft in an apparently controlled action and Braithwaite forced a penalty that Puado took advantage of to turn the score around.

The 2-1 score changed the script of the match. Espanyol gave control to Eibar, who in that static attack did not generate too many clear situations, beyond a shot by Konrad after a good action by Yanis, which had a tremendous impact on the game since in 16 minutes he forced 3 fouls , the last of them would end leading to the tie after a service from Aketxe that Sergio headed to the post and Puado tried to clear it the ball was put inside. A draw on the horn that tasted like victory, which allows us to maintain the good feelings and extend a streak that still has no expiration date.

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