Dest’s “lack of respect”: two yellow cards in 30 seconds, a kiss to the referee and him in the locker room

Sergio Dest la lo in a United States national team match and even his own teammates scolded him. The defender, formerly of Bara on loan at PSV, saw two yellow cards in less than 30 seconds.

In the second leg of the CONCACAF Nations League quarterfinals between the United States and Trinidad and Tobago, Dest was enraged because the referee had called a throw-in and the PSV player was convinced that the ball had not gone out.

When Dest heard the beep Walter López, referee of the duelDest immediately grabbed the ball and kicked it out of the field with great anger, receiving his first yellow card.

The teammates tried to calm Dest down. to avoid greater evils. Gio Reyna even put his hand over the PSV defender’s mouth to prevent him from continuing to protest to the referee and avoid that second card.

However, Reyna couldn’t do anything because Dest was so angry. The referee then showed a second yellow card to Dest, who after being sent off He blew a kiss in the direction of the referee.

His companions, furious with Dest

The captain of the United States against Trinidad and Tobago, Tim Ream, who plays for Fulham, approached Dest and shouted angrily in his face. as the defender left the field. He was not the only one, since Matt Turnergoalkeeper of the American team, who plays for Nottingham Forest in the Premier League, also approached his teammate to Express your discomfort at an absurd expulsion.

Even Matt Turner pushes Sergio Dest in the own field so that he would leave quickly. After the game, Tim Ream revealed that they had some pretty serious words towards Dest in the locker room: “I can’t say many things here publicly that we have said in private”.

However, the United States captain did not hide his anger with Dest: “It’s a complete lack of respect for the players we were playing, for those who were on the bench. “It is a lack of respect for the game itself, for the referees.”

Repeat offender… like against Mexico

Dest be banned for the Nations League semi-final in March. He already missed this year’s Nations League final after receiving a red card and a three-game ban. for a fight in the semifinal against Mexico.

He was also quite harsh on Dest. American coach Gregg Berhalter: “It’s unforgivable, it was surreal”. And the master added: “It is worrying because that is not what we represent, that is not what we are as a group.”

After the game, Dest had to perdn on social networks for their behavior: “I want to apologize to my teammates, staff, fans and the entire country for my behavior. It was unacceptable, selfish and immature. Disappointment to my team! It’s something I have to learn from and not have it happen again!”

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