Champions League: The ‘premire’ of Kang-in Lee: “We are very happy to have him at PSG”

El Paris Saint-Germain made an important bet this summer by signing Kang-in Lee (Incheon, 2001)from Mallorca for 22 million euros. However, the former Valencia had a beginninghow much less, winding in the Parque de los Prncipes.

Kang In Lee, new PSG player

He suffered a couple of setbacks in the form of injuries -starting with his preseason debut- and, to top it all off, with the season already started, he was ‘called up’, never better said, by South Korea to compete in the Asian Games. PSG had no choice but to accept, but received good news in return:I came back with the gold medal andHe will therefore be freed from carrying out the 21 months of mandatory military service.

The truth is that, setbacks aside, Kang-in Lee seems to have ‘fallen on his feet’ in Paris. He was already, in Mbapp’s absence, one of the most acclaimed players on the summer tour and has become the player who sells the most PSG shirts, even above Kylian. “He is the first great Asian player we have. His arrival will allow us to expand in South Korea and throughout Asia,” he acknowledged. Sbastien WaselsCEO of PSG in the Pacific market.

Waiting for Mbapp… madness for Kang In Lee in Korea

Now back, although he hasn’t had many minutes yet, it hasn’t taken him long to make himself noticed. Kang-in Lee already knew what it was like to play in the Champions League. His debut with Valencia, in 2019, at 18 years and six months, led by Albert Celades.

Radar chart of Kang-in Lee with PSG in Ligue 1 2023-24. Source: StatsBomb.

Now, four years later, he also knows what it’s like to debut as a scorer with Paris Saint-Germain… and in the Champions League. The South Korean, who had not yet scored with his new team, replaced Dembl in the 71st minute and in the 89th minute he rounded off the victory against Milanscoring the final 3-0. Zare-Emery gave way back after gaining the baseline, Asensio let her pass and The former Mallorca player nailed it with his left foot next to the post stump. Impossible for Maignan.

PSG 3-0 Milan: summary and goals | Champions League, group F (J3)

Kang-in Lee, after the game, could not hide his joy even in perfect Spanish: “I’m very happy for the victory, which was the most important thing, and for the goal.”

I am very happy to have helped the team with my goal

Kang-in Lee

The former Mallorca and Valencia player showed, yes, he is ambitious for the future: “I always try to help the team. In every game, in every minute I play I try to do my best“.

Map of Kang-in Lee’s key passes with Mallorca in LaLiga 2022-23. Source: StatsBomb.

Luis Enrique, meanwhile, is already rubbing hands with the South Korean: “He is a footballer that we can use in many positions. In midfield, inside, but he can also play as a ‘false 9’ or on the wing. He has the ability to mark and filter last passes. “We are very happy to have him with us.”

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