Athletic: The formative X-ray of the eleven type per minute in Athletic

LThe November FIFA selection window, the last one in 2023, has Athletic classified in European positions, reaffirming its objective for a season in which it also wants to be an alternative in the Cup. Lions are now on display and the club strengthens its status as a desirable team for professionals. “We must be the first option for players in our market. We are the only club ‘made in Euskal Herria'”, highlighted president Jon Uriarte at the last Members’ Assembly.

He eleven type -according to the minutes of play in this League- discovers that all the footballers Except for De Marcos, who was signed after having played for Alavs in the Second Division, they have belonged one or more seasons to the entity’s youth and reference teams. And among the eleven formed by Simón, De Marcos, Vivian, Paredes, Yuri, Vesga, Galarreta, Iaki Williams, Sancet, Nico Williams and Guruzeta, only three (Yuri, Galarreta and Guruzeta) have played more professional matches away from Bilbao.

De Marcos is Athletic’s second captain behind Muniain.Ricardo Larreina / UGSBRAND

The owners of the records

De Marcos and Iaki Williams are the veteran references among the eleven players that Valverde has used the most in this first third of the season. From Marcos (34 years) He arrived at Athletic from Alavs, with whom he played twenty games in the Second Division. He tireless footballer, second captain of the squad having debuted shortly after Muniain, is one of the owners of the entity’s records: with 510 official matches he occupies the fifth position in relation to players who have worn the red and white the most times. AND keep adding.

Iaki Williams is a red and white product. He arrived at Lezama as a youth from Pamplona and from then on he advanced easily. The eldest of the Williams brothers has in turn become a famous guy in LaLiga, since since the last campaign he has been theThe footballer who has played the most consecutive games (251) in the championship.

From Marcos

  • Total matches in Athletic: 510
  • League matches in Athletic: 392
  • First division matches with other clubs: –

Jack Williams

  • Total matches in Athletic: 395
  • League matches in Athletic: 321
  • First division matches with other clubs: –

Simón has become one of the team’s classics.Ricardo Larreina / UGSBRAND

The consolidated

“It’s about not playing five games, what it’s about is playing 100.” The phrase is from Ernesto Valverde, but during other stages it has been signed by many other coaches and those responsible for the club’s training. It is from the competitive routine when a footballer can be considered among those consolidated in the First Division. In Athletic they are several have more than 100 games and among them the internationals Simón and Sancet stand out. The hundred barrier will also reach Nico Williams soonwho, like his two teammates in the national team, has a training background in Lezama.

The 100 games in the club Vesga surpassed them some time ago, although the Gasteiztarra’s path has been different. He arrived with training at Aurrera de Vitoria and a subsequent spell at Alavs and after playing in the reserve team it was difficult for him to find a place. So much so that he had to go out on loan twice, both to First Division teams.


  • Total matches in Athletic: 172
  • League matches: 156
  • First division matches with other clubs: –


  • Total matches in Athletic: 131
  • League matches in Athletic: 115
  • First division matches with other clubs: –

Nico Williams

  • Total matches in Athletic: 95
  • League matches in Athletic: 82
  • First division matches with other clubs: –


  • Total matches in Athletic: 187
  • League matches in Athletic: 146
  • Matches in first divisions with other clubs: 43 (Legans and Sporting Gijn)
Galarreta plays whenever he is

Galarreta plays whenever he is available and this season he made his debut as a scorer in the First Division.Ricardo Larreina / UGSBRAND

Racing with multiple doors

Galarreta and Yuri have a past at the club, the first longer than the side, although their careers have touched several doors. Galarreta, incorporated this season into the first team from Mallorca, is living his second stage at Athletic, with whom under the direction of Bielsa’s bench he fulfilled his dream of making his debut after having covered the entire Lezama process. His first knee injury forced him to leave and the following ones have made it clear that he is a very powerful player to deal with bad moments. He has accumulated almost 230 matches in the Second Division and his ceiling in the First Division is 52. that dispute in Mallorca.

Yuri He has a long past as a footballer until he arrived at Athletic, which was also his club when he was growing up. The winger left Lezama and after a period in English football, where he belonged to the Tottenham team, he played new the process of assault on professionalism from the lower divisions of Valladolid and even PSG, from where he was signed for Athletic.


  • Total matches in Athletic: 170
  • League matches in Athletic: 142
  • Matches in first divisions with other clubs: 121 (PSG, Real Sociedad and Valladolid)


  • Total matches in Athletic: 20
  • League matches in Athletic: 13
  • Matches in first divisions with other clubs: 52 (Mallorca)
Guruzeta has had a very good season and is top scorer for the lions.

Guruzeta has had a very good season and is top scorer for the lions.Ricardo Larreina / UGSBRAND

On the way to his first hundred

Vivian, Guruzeta and Paredes represent three types of different training who are on the path to reaching a hundred with the Athletic shirt, although they still have a way to go. Vivian arrived in Lezama via Santutxu, which was the club she chose in the training process, although her place of residence was Vitoria. Guruzeta went through the Athletic youth ranks and made his debut as a lion, although he had to leave to rejoin the competition in the Second Division. He reaches this FIFA window as Athletic’s top scorer (6 goals). Paredes, who last season participated in the U21 European Championship, is the one with the least experience of the three in the category and at the same time the one who has had the longest experience in Lezama and the only one who until now has not had to play for another club because He has completed training in Lezama.


  • Total matches in Athletic: 77
  • League matches in Athletic: 66
  • First division matches with other clubs: –


  • Total matches in Athletic: 59
  • League matches in Athletic: 49
  • First division matches with other clubs: –


  • Total matches in Athletic: 30
  • League matches in Athletic: 29
  • First division matches with other clubs: –

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