Athletic: Nico Williams still does not renew and his future is complicated

El Athletic sighs for a s of Nico Williams. A statement that would mean continuity beyond June 30 as a player for the Vizcaya team. The footballer, fast as he is only on the green, stands out well and avoids all types of compromising responses. It is difficult to get him out of the typical ‘we’ll see what happens’ but what he cannot deny is that around him there is a lot of uncertainty about their future. Something that has grown in recent hours due to the statements made by his representative, in which she speaks with some clarity about the future of the Athletic forward.

Nico Williams: “There is no better team than Spain right now”

Words said by the footballer’s agent in ‘El Correo’. “In a few months the contract ends, let us not forget. There is no definitive offer from the club or the player, more is missing. In any case it will be the other way around, which is not the case either, that the one who has to say his future is the player,” he declared. Flix Taint.

Nico Williams Contract ends next June 30 and there is a lot of speculation about a future linked to other teams, although the footballer, at no time, has made any gesture that could lead to thinking about saying goodbye to his lifelong club.

The doubt regarding the forward’s future does not disappear. Is a candy for the market, but in no case does the player want anything to harm his relationship with Athletic. Neither in the present nor in the future, something complicated when such an important footballer with so much projection ends his contract.

Nico Williams on racism: “We are improving, the important thing is to educate boys and girls”

Time passes and the truth is that the renewal signature has not yet arrived and the uncertainty grows. Many teams are awaiting the final decision, a disagreement that does not appear. January 1st It could be the key date, since from that moment on you will be able to negotiate with any other team. For San Mamés they don’t want to hear about that possibility, but the truth is that the countdown has already started.

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