Argentine League 2023: “Argentina, what a shame!”

Argentina, what beauty: “A large-scale South American country with a terrain that includes the Andes mountains, glacial lakes and grasslands in the Pampasthe traditional grazing land of its famous cattle”dice Wikipedia in its first lines.

Argentina, how proud: Country in which Di Stéfano, Maradona, Messi were bornamong hundreds of well-known players and triple world champion, among other achievements, I would say the Wiki deportiva.

Argentina, what unpredictability: The nation in which The general elections were won by the current Minister of Economythe same one that led the country to an inflation of 140%.

Argentina, how different: a place that I would never understand if you are not Argentine and no matter how many people say they know the country from having visited it dozens of times. No. Argentinaand the Argentines, are so specials (for the negative… and the positive -the little that happens in the territory lately) that situations are determined by decrees so implausible that they stop surprising and end up seeming normal.

Argentina, how crazy: One of them is what concerns us in this entire introduction. with the tournament National A (Second division) already completed and with the crosses of the ‘play-offs’ (to ascend and descend already decided)the AFA resolves that one of the three determined relegations is annulled! A real madness. A decision that in no serious country could they make a determination of such caliber

Argentina, what impunity: Although this measure taken in the Second category of football in the country is not the first of this kind that the ‘popes’ de la AFA. With the current championship of First division underway and seeing that some teams with powerful leaders were in danger of relegation… the third relegation was also abolished! that had been regulated by those same leaders. And, be careful, several colleagues from that country, They suspect that they could still eliminate another relegation in the League because there are big clubs with options to be relegatedFor example, Huracán, Vélez, Colón, Unión Gimnasia, Tigre (the team of the current minister of economy and winner of the country’s general elections)…

Argentina, what an outrage: Los 28 teams in the First Division and 37, which in 2024 will be 38, in the Second It is the current reflection of the ‘favors’ that are owed in Argentine football. 66 clubs in two divisions. Speechless.

Argentina, what have they done to you?: While the country lives submerged in a unviable social situation due to the economic agony to which a large part of the population is immersedthe people who govern the football of the world champion team They freely determine any regulatory modification of professional football as if it were a neighborhood league.. That’s how it goes, unfortunately.

Argentina, what a phrase: “The best politician is the one who is ALWAYS in the opposition.” We could modify that phrase, expressed to yours truly by his father some 45 years ago, which They don’t go out of style, just like the letters of ‘Cambalache’and we could change the word political for football and it would be the same.

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